Dimitra Psychari

USG of Academics 

Dimitra Psychari is a 25 year old law graduate, who lives in Liverpool, UK. Currently she studies Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and after COVID she wishes to come to Israel to do her Masters programme in Israel Studies.

This will be her 3rd TLVMUN, after being a chair in 2018 and 2019. Along with Leah Kaplan, she will be the USG of Academics, responsible for the chairing recruitment, the formation of the committees and the academic materials.

Aside from MUN, currently, due to the health crisis in the UK she’s on the job hunt, in the areas of charity and customer service.

Her dream job though would be to either work as a solicitor in a reputable firm or to work in the area of diplomacy. In her free time she loves watching Korean dramas & playing video games, takes care of the cat colony that resides in her garden and she also loves bubble tea.

“My goal for 2021 is to take advantage of every day and do all those things I sadly didn’t manage to do in 2020. I hope to see all of you in Tel Aviv this August and have an unforgettable experience all together!”


Leah Kaplan

USG of Academics 

Leah lives in a city called Modiin.

She studies Communications and American studies.


She likes to work out and cook She would like to speak fluent Spanish.


For 2021 she wishes to meet people face to face