External Relations director

Leah has been interested in politics, especially international politics, as long as she can remember, so she happily joined her local MUN Society in 2017. She is a 23 year old German/American law student who was born and raised and is currently living in rainy Hamburg. This makes her even more excited to come back to TLVMUN this summer for the fourth time in a row!


She has been MUNing for about three years now and has attended almost a dozen conferences in different roles, from delegate to chair to secretariat. Since the TLVMUN was her first, it holds a very special place in her heart and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the TLVMUN 2020 team. MUN shows you the complexity of international politics and gives you the opportunity to look at a problem from an angle you might have never considered before. In addition to this, you get to meet so many like-minded and wonderful people along the way. Leah is very excited to welcome you to Tel Aviv this summer and is sure you will have blast!