DISEC: Disarmament & International Security Committee (Intermediate)

The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is the first committee in the General Assembly of the United Nation. It deals with international challenges of disarmament and even threats to peace. It deals with international security matters, as well as international disarmament according to the UN charter. Its main goal is to establish international peace and security, and it does so by regulating armaments, governing disarmament, and promoting cooperation aimed at increasing stability through a lower amount of armaments. It works closely with the United Nations Disarmament Commission and the Geneva Conference on Disarmament.


In November 1987, efforts were made to reevaluate the agenda of the First Committee, which was done in Resolution 42/42. In this document, there is a justification for the work of the committee. Also, an improvement in the organization of the committee was written in this document. This committee deals with topics such as nuclear weapons, the use of biological and chemical weapons and many more.



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