DISEC: Disarmament & International Security Committee (Intermediate)

The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is the first committee in the General Assembly of the United Nation. It deals with international challenges of disarmament and even threats to peace. It deals with international security matters, as well as international disarmament according to the UN charter. Its main goal is to establish international peace and security, and it does so by regulating armaments, governing disarmament, and promoting cooperation aimed at increasing stability through a lower amount of armaments. It works closely with the United Nations Disarmament Commission and the Geneva Conference on Disarmament.


In November 1987, efforts were made to reevaluate the agenda of the First Committee, which was done in Resolution 42/42. In this document, there is a justification for the work of the committee. Also, an improvement in the organization of the committee was written in this document. This committee deals with topics such as nuclear weapons, the use of biological and chemical weapons and many more.



1. Topic A: Countering the spread of cyberwarfare

The term cyber warfare is one that we are all familiar with today. We have a clear image of what type that war will be and how dangerous cyberspace nowadays is. We use the internet daily and our data gets stored online. Certain groups and even states may take advantage of that and hack and steal that information. A scenario where states are fighting each other on a virtual platform is not far away and should be prevented.


2. Topic B: Countering the use of IEDs by non-state actors

IEDs or improvised explosive devices are unconventional and can take on many forms. The problem with these weapons is that they are easily made so that non-state actors can promote making them at home. Another issue is that they are used to target civilians and not only militaries. In today's fight against terror countering the spread of them is crucial if states want to eliminate that threat. But how do we combat them? This topic will discuss just that.

Hendrik is a 23 years old student of International Affairs in the 4th Semester at the University of St. Gallen.  After he spent the first three years of his life in Zimbabwe, he was raised in the region of Basel in Switzerland. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he is currently serving in the Swiss army as a paramedic to support local hospitals during that though time. He has already attended five MUN conferences of which he chaired once in February 2020 in Rome. He is excited to come back to TLVMUN in 2020 as a chair and cannot wait to celebrate life after everything gets back to normal.


Petr was born in the Crown Jewel of the Czech Republic – Ostrava and lives and studies in Prague. He currently pursues his Master’s degree in International Politics and Diplomacy at the University of Economics. Petr entered the world of MUNs around 3 years ago and since then has been participating on numerous conferences and simulations as a delegate, chair, and organizer. In his free time he likes to play volleyball, enjoys computer games, reading, and
playing airsoft.

Benjamin is a second year Law student at the University of Heidelberg. Having had MUN as a high school class for his junior and senior year as well as having participated in multiple conferences in Germany and throughout Europe in the past three years, he is quite familiar with the MUN world. He is very excited to be chairing DISEC at TLVMUN 2020 as international security and disarmament are two of his favourite topics. Also, he can not wait for a post Covid-19 world where travel restrictions are lifted and people can move around freely again. In his free time, he is active within a political youth group and enjoys travelling as much as he loves discussing his favorite Netflix show House of Cards.