It’s the 24th century and humanity has colonized the Solar System— the Moon, Mars, the Asteroid Belt and beyond. After Mars was conquered and Earth’s climate became evermore uninhabitable during the 21st century, governments increasingly focused their economies and funding on space travel, and the United Nations became the collective government for humanity. Mars and Earth have since developed a fierce rivalry, pursuing an ongoing arms race while the inner planets’ economic and cultural supremacy over the outer planets and the Belt has caused mounting unrest.


Three cabinets— representing rival factions within the solar system: Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planetary Alliance— will navigate complex diplomatic relations, future technology, espionage, terrorism, epic space battles, biological weapons, universal humanitarian issues, even religion, and of course, the vast expanse guaranteeing many unknowns and the most riveting Joint Cabinet Crisis of Summer 2019.


TLVMUN will continue its reputation for bold, cutting-edge committees with an immersive experience exploring very real questions of the near future in a triple-cabinet crisis roughly based on The Expanse.

The crisis format will work differently than regular committees, but crisis delegates should still be familiar with the basic RoP.