Historical Security Council (Advanced):

The Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations. It held its first session in January 1946 in London, United Kingdom. Its primary responsibility is to discuss issues that arise when international peace and security are threatened.


The decisions of the Security Council are binary, meaning all nations must accept what the Security Council decides to do. Usually, when a threat is detected, the Security Council will try and solve the conflict peacefully, through investigations or missions. They can also issue a ceasefire, as well as dispatch peacekeeping forces. When peaceful measures do not work, then the Security Council can turn to economic or diplomatic sanctions, blockades, and even collective military action.


The committee is very dynamic and sometimes when the threat is so severe emergency sessions may be held. This committee is a historical one. Therefore delegates will represent their country’s policy during the respective time and act as if the outcome of that session has not happened yet in real life.


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