Logistics director 

A newcomer to Tel Aviv and a genuine Kibbutznik, this year's Logistic Director is Noam Sagi. Coming from the north of Israel, he's a political science student in his first year, or as he prefers to call it: "A very long break from traveling". Only a few months ago he met the very nice people of TAUMUN while on his BA orientation day and immediately realized this could be a great platform for him to learn a lot about global politics and international relations. It would also allow him to practice improving his public speaking skills and meeting many great people from all around the world.


An avid traveler, you can think Barcelona is the best football club in Europe, but try not to mention it around him, unless you have a lot of free time (but really, don't). As a former sergeant in the IDF, he's well trained in both taking care of logistics and yelling at people. One of TAUMUN's latest recruit, Noam might not be able to recommend the coolest bar in Tel Aviv or the best place to have Hummus but can tell you where to get a nice beer in Honduras or which bus you can take to Rio de Janeiro.