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Nowadays we await eagerly to consume our news daily, we always want to stay relevant and up to date. We can see and read the same news in a different light and different angles from various news agencies, both local and global. Journalists are eager to tell their own truth and make the world a better place. So, what would happen when issues like Climate Change and Terrorism take the main spotlight? It is no different in the Model United Nations world, in the fast pace debating and resolution-making we must keep the information flowing.


The Press Corps will use its tools – writing articles, interviewing Chairs and Delegates and more to get the most important information to everyone, because we all have the right to know! Just as the media has the power to determine what is going to be talked about and what agenda to push, so can you! Use your power, affect the committee rooms and bring (your) truth to the open! If you share that journalist passion and looking for a different mun experience YOU'RE HIRED!


The Press Corps format will work differently than regular committees, but Press Corps journalists should still be familiar with the basic RoP. 




More about the committee


Chair Gal.png

Gal Pollak 

Hello everyone, I am Gal. I have lived in Panama, Spain and Italy and am now living in Israel. I'm studying Psychology and Linguistics and I have been a part of the MUN family since 2019. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in the upcoming TLVMUN!

Chair Yonit.png

Yonit Vareika

Hello everyone! My name is Yonit Vareika and I’ll be one of the chairs for the Press Corps committee this year. Over my MUN career I’ve been from a simple delegate to Secretary General of my own conferences and societies. Outside of MUN I’m part of the only metal a-cappella choir in the world, go to the gym, read, play video games with my boyfriend, or eat. 

I wish us all a very successful and happy TLVMUN 2022!

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