Press Corps

Nowadays we await eagerly to consume our news daily, we want to stay relevant and up to date at all times. It is no different in the Model United Nations world, in the fast pace debating and resolution making we must keep the information flowing. 
The Press Corps will use its tools – writing articles, interviewing Chairs and Delegates and more to get the most important information to everyone, because we all have the right to know!
The media has the power to determine what is going to be talked about and the agenda, use the power, affect the committee rooms and bring (your) truth to the open!

The committee is not ranked by level, if you feel the journalist pull and the need to shed light on the truth YOU'RE HIRED!


The Press Corps format will work differently than regular committees, but Press Corps journalists should still be familiar with the basic RoP. 




Demi Daniel

Demi has graduated from the University of York (UK) where she was an active member of the MUN society since 2015 and is due to start Teacher Training at UCL. Demi holds an array of press media experience. She has produced and presented her own radio show, written articles for news outlets and interviewed celebrities and the public for video and radio outlets. In 2018 she was the Press Director for HamMUN and successfully led her team in engaging over 500 delegates in Press articles, memes and gossip. In her spare time, you may find Demi boarding a plane, taking pictures, going on nature walks, learning German or blissfully planning her next adventure.

dor gvishi 

I’m Dor Gvishi, 26 years old from Tel-Aviv in Israel. I am studying my master’s degree in diplomacy and the European Union studies program at Tel-Aviv University. I have joined the TAUMUN society last year and it gave me a new perspective on worldwide issues. I'm very excited to chair the Press Corps, see you in August!