Press Corps

Nowadays we await eagerly to consume our news daily, we want to stay relevant and up to date at all times. It is no different in the Model United Nations world, in the fast pace debating and resolution making we must keep the information flowing. 
The Press Corps will use its tools – writing articles, interviewing Chairs and Delegates and more to get the most important information to everyone, because we all have the right to know!
The media has the power to determine what is going to be talked about and the agenda, use the power, affect the committee rooms and bring (your) truth to the open!

The committee is not ranked by level, if you feel the journalist pull and the need to shed light on the truth YOU'RE HIRED!


Please note: TLVMUN committees will follow the Rules of Procedure set by the Israeli Model United Nations Association, found here. The Press Corps format will work differently than regular committees, but Press Corps journalists should still be familiar with the basic RoP. 




Alicia Beledo 

Alicia is a student of Political Science and Sociology at the Carlos III University of Madrid. She has been debating since she was 15 and although her first Model of United Nations was at age 16, it was in her first MUN at her home university where she realized that MUNS were her passion. After having won several awards as a delegate, participating in national and international MUNS, having been president of several committees and organizing some of them, she still wants to learn and teach. As her third time in Israel, she is looking forward to be part or TLVMUN so she can work with the confidence of trust surrounded by the friends she met in other international conferences and that are now part of her MUN family

Diletta Muccilli

Hi everyone!

My name is Diletta and I’m currently enrolled in my second year of B.A. in International Studies for Cooperation and Development at the University of Turin, Italy. I have been MUNing for the past two years in various conferences both as a delegate and as a chair; furthermore, I am a member of United Network, an Italian MUN association based in Rome.

Passionate about languages and art, I am the typical feisty Italian, so be ready to have some good times in our committee!