Security Council

The Security Council is one of the main organs of the United Nations, the committee is in charge of maintaining international peace and security. It consists of 5 permanent member states and 10 member states who are on rotation for a two-year term. Risks continue to arise in our world and the member states need to find new ways to prevent disasters from happening to containing the ones that already trouble the world.


The Committee is an advanced level committee so if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.


Click here to visit the UNSC website and learn more about this organization! 


Please note: TLVMUN committees will follow the Rules of Procedure set by the Israeli Model United Nations Association, found here.


The role of the UN in conflict zones

Rethinking the situation in the Korean Peninsula


Netanal Kleinman

Hi everyone, I'm Netanel Kleinman and I will be the chair of the Security Council at TLVMUN 2018.  This is a special moment for me because TLVMUN 2016 was my first international conference, and this will be my third time at TLVMUN.  Having begun my MUN career back in 2015 I have both delegated and chaired at a variety of conferences, as well as serving on secretariats of both national and international conferences.  I look forwards to being part of TLVMUN 2018 and welcoming you all to Israel for high level debate and even better socials.

Karen Sturm

My name is Karen Sturm and I am a 20-year-old Bachelor student in my second year of European Studies at Maastricht University. I was born in Berlin and lived there most of my life but I also call Canada my dear home. The two nationalities make up the perfect combination for saying “sorry” too often and being on time (or at least trying to). My MUN career began in my first year at university, setting me on an amazing journey and letting me visit amazing cities and MUN’s such as Barcelona, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. Having had an amazing time in Tel Aviv last year as France in UNDP I am hoping to see the same amount of enthusiasm during debates as well as on the dance floor.

Rinat Levin

My name is Rinat Levin. I’m an American-Israeli Masters student at Bar Ilan University studying English literature. I’ve been involved in MUN for two years both as a delegate and as a vice chair. TLVMUN is my 10th MUN conference and 3rd international conference. When I’m not MUNing I work as an English teacher in an after school program. I’ve been very passionate about MUN since I started and forward to a great committee and fruitful debate.