The International Monetary Fund is the UN body tasked with promoting international financial stability and monetary cooperation. It also facilitates international trade, promotes employment and sustainable economic growth, and helps to reduce global poverty.

In order to maintain stability and prevent crises in the international monetary system, the IMF monitors its 190 member country's policies as well as national, regional, and global economic and financial developments. The IMF provides advice to member countries and promotes policies designed to foster economic stability, reduce vulnerability to economic and financial crises, and raise living standards

The Committee is an intermediate level committee, so expect a intense debate about the economic challenges of the contemporary era!



Study Guide


1. International Cooperation in Combating Money Laundering 

2. Reforming the IMF Loan Structure


Dimitra Psychari‏

Dimitra is from Athens, Greece, however the last 5 years she is living in the UK. She is studying an LLM Human Rights at the University of Cardiff (Wales), with focus on Health Governance and Mental Health Law. By the time of TLVMUN she will either be a PhD candidate or an unemployed adult. She started MUN randomly in High School 7 years ago and she immediately fell in love with it. She has done pretty much everything in a conference: from Human Rights all the way to Crisis. Also, with MUN she had the chance to explore many countries! She enjoys bubble tea, making awful jokes and watching pointless shows on Netflix. She dislikes rude people and commercial music. Aside from committee rooms you will probably find her either at the smoking area or searching for croissants. This will be her second year in TLVMUN and she is very excited to serve as the Chair of UN Women. She is looking forward to meet you and have a great week learning about diplomacy and having fun in Tel Aviv.

Alessandro Giacardi

I am Alessandro, a second year student of International Relation at the University of Turin, in northern Italy. Before that I attended the humanistic High School, an enriching environment that made me fall in love with history, culture and human relations. I love traveling and doing volunteer in all fields. Next semester I am going to be an Erasmus student at Science Po Lille and hopefully my MUN experience will continue in that environment. I started my MUN conference journey with the beginning of my studies in 2017, and I attended the huge conferences around the world, and I got to explore different committees. This year’s edition of TLVMUN will be my second chairing experience, and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Looking forward to see you in TLV!

Maria Stefiadou

I am Maria, a Political Sciences student at my second year of studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Apart from my studies, I am also learning German at the moment, which is the second foreign language I can speak along with English. My very first MUN conference took place back in 2016, when I was still a high schooler. UN stimulations and rhetoric debates in general belong to the numerous things that fascinate me in the field of my studies, and it is the first time I will be attending a committee as a chairperson! I love reading books, travelling and writing in my free time. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Tel Aviv in August!