The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) aimed at promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in education, arts, sciences, and culture.

UNDP works in 193 countries and territories, and assists in the translation and dissemination of world literature, helps establish and secure World Heritage Sites of cultural and natural importance, works to bridge the worldwide digital divide, and creates inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication.

This committee is an beginners level committee, so take part in protecting the world's wonders!


Study Guide




1. Ensuring reliable and sustainable internet access in developing areas 

With the technical and rather apolitical topic of the allocation of internet access, beginner delegates may sharpen their knowledge of MUN procedures and provide solutions with the guidance of the Sustainable Development Goals. During the committee sessions, you will discuss ideas on how reliable internet access can be made available to the vast majority of the population as a means to a sustainable and digital future. A perfect entrance into MUNing, where we ask the question of not why, but how we can help with development of internet access.

2. Safeguarding the integrity of democratic election procedures 

The debate surrounding democracy and one of its main tools, the elections, is highly contentious. Designed for delegates who would like to improve their debating prowesses, this topic combines a debate between diverging policies and a discussion on the correct way to ensure free elections. With the fate of democracy as a political system at stake, how can its legitimacy be ensured?


Kyriakos Chatziefthymiadis


Hello there!
I am Kyriakos Chatziefthymiadis and I am a first-year Business Administration student at the Athens University of Economics and Business in Athens, Greece. My MUN experience began when I attended a small conference near my hometown at the beginning of high school and has since made MUN something more than a passion. What specifically drives me crazy about MUN is how it is the meeting point for people from different backgrounds who have taken the first step to make an impact and change the future of the next generations.
I can't wait to meet all of you at this amazing conference in Tel Aviv! Till' then stay safe!

Egan Paquay


Egan originally comes from the city of Liege, in Belgium, but currently lives both in Luxembourg City and Saint Gallen, in Luxembourg and Switzerland respectively. He Business Administration studies the University of St. Gallen and is a significant member of the SGMUN society. He has chaired in many conferences, including the highly-regarded JCUMUN in Rome and EuroMUN in Maastricht. Egan is also the Secretary General of our partner's upcoming conference, SGMUN 2021. He enjoys scouring Wikipedia for knowledge, as well as having a drink with his friends and other like-minded individuals while taking a swim. Egan has chaired in TLVMUN in the past, and is extremely fond of the upcoming socials, and so is most looking forward to meeting everyone over beers and wine!

Hendrik Rowedder


Hey there!

My name is Hendrik Rowedder and I‘m a 6th semester International Affairs student at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. I started doing MUN back in 2018 at our home made SGMUN conference. Since then, I took part in 5 conferences and had the privilege to serve as the Deputy Secretary General for SGMUN 2020. TLVMUN 2021 will already be my second Tel Aviv edition after 2019. This memorable conference back then motivated me to come back once more to experience another mixture of challenging academics, amazing socials and Israeli hospitality!