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Conference Updates:


Dear TLVMUN community,

As spring is coming in Israel and our chair applications open, we would like to state our official position regarding holding the conference in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide you all with some much-needed clarity: we continue to work relentlessly to produce the best TLVMUN conference possible, and our top priority is still to meet you all face-to-face in Tel Aviv.


We assure you that the time invested in preparing for the conference will not be in vain. Our commitment to you and to the event is not affected by the uncertainty we must live with.


As the situation develops, and as we gather more information, we will let you know if there are any changes to the current plan of a physical conference. For now, we encourage you to sign up and to consult with us if you have any doubts. Your cooperation and support are crucial to our success in organizing the great event we all very much look forward to.


Stay safe and see you in the summer,

TLVMUN Secretariat

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