Emily Warren 

Crisis co-Director

Noam Tansman

Crisis co-Director

Emily just completed their Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts & Humanities at Tel Aviv University and is now pursuing a Master's in Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Bern.


They feel right at home with fellow crisis geeks, having found their niche amid the chaos and subterfuge characteristic of the committee. With an MUN career spanning five years, three continents and over a dozen crises at international conferences, Model United Nations has grown into a passion. Emily is excited to bring their experience and ever-evolving skills to TLVMUN for the second year in a row as USG Crisis and create an unforgettable simulation and conference.


Outside of MUN, Emily enjoys vision-boarding their ambitions for the future, wearing fresh suits, guzzling craft beer, losing at board games, and generally speaking way too loud.


All the way from South Florida, Noam Tansman is our new co-director. he began his endeavors in political advocacy with AIPAC. His experiences with AIPAC assisted him in understanding the necessity for bipartisanship and political cooperation, as well as, the importance and responsibility of how public policy is shaped.


Noam is a senior at Tel Aviv University Majoring in philosophy and minoring in digital media and communications, he believes that a critical thinking skillset and an aptitude for creative idea development are crucial qualities for the diplomatic arena. 

Noam joined and continues his interest in politics with TAUMUN in 2018. Since then, Noam has taken part in the Crisis Committee, being a delegate and back rooming as well. The Crisis Committee satisfies Noam’s creative desires within MUN and he has loads of fun at every conference. Noam is looking forward to facilitating the simulation and developing the Crisis scenario. 

In his spare time, Noam dabbles in visual art and music. He enjoys talking about films, shows, and getting to know different people from all over the world