Gold Fever, y’all! The year is 1848, so grab your shovels and pickaxes and head out west to take advantage of the booming California gold at the next great American Frontier! The US has recently signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo with Mexico, however, its successful ratification hangs by a thread.


Contentions revolving around the treaty have not inhibited the discovery of vast gold deposits in the Western United States, resulting in a massive influx of domestic and international migrants into the region, who are all looking to claim a piece of the golden pie.


Unrest among the indigenous population due to the expropriation of land, targeted carnage, and destruction of the environment are some of the far-reaching implications that have resulted from the US-Mexico ceasefire, as well as US designs for expansion, its budding economy and an array of domestic social issues.

Multiple cabinets, representing the various factions with stakes in the future of the blossoming United States, will converge in a simulation navigating complex diplomatic relations, new technologies, espionage, terrorism, ethnic and political tensions, environmental consequences, humanitarian issues, and of course, the vast landscape of the North-American Wild West at the cusp of industrialization, political revolution, and social upheaval.

TLVMUN 2020 will continue to bear the torch for bold, cutting-edge Crises. In line with the conference theme, Crisis will offer a fully immersive experience exploring timeless questions of globalization, set in the 19th century American West!