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The oil crisis
of 1973

October 1973,  the Yom Kippur War has just ended with thousands dead in Sinai and the Golan Heights. Israel had been attacked simultaneously by both Egypt and Syria, after almost a month of dramatic shock and one bloody fight after another: The IDF managed to push back the Arab armies but the unbeatable image Israel carted with its victory in the “6 Days War” is shattered. 


Now, The Arab world marks its next target: Nixon’s America and the rest of Israel’s allies. They dared to supply Israel with tanks, artillery, and ammunition during the war and they will pay. OPEC uses a simple and effective “oil weapon” to strike the western world where it hurts. 


Will you save the western economy and find a way to end the embargo? Or perhaps you will use this opportunity to lift the Arab world into the international forefront of the economic and political scene. Will the west continue to support Israel? Or will Arab pressure finally defeat the stubborn Jewish state?

Command your army and diplomats as a leader or make sure your company survives the storm as a CEO. Betrayals, assassinations, and sabotage are all fair game:  much is at stake, maybe even the entire cold war. It’s up to you to change history and make sure your side comes on top in The oil crisis. 

Roy pic.jpeg

Roy Weisman
Crisis Manager

Roy is a 22 years old second-year student of political science and communications at TLV university. He has been doing MUN for a year and a half. Roy has organized-2 other crisis committees so far, however, this will be the first time he manages one.

Roy loves creating new stories and scenarios for crisis committees. He is looking forwards to seeing how crazy the committee can get this year!

Niv pic.jpeg

Niv Yanir
Vice-Manager & Chair

Niv is a second year in Tel Aviv university. She studies political science and communication. Niv's ambition is to be an ambassador. While being the vice chair of TAUMUN society, she's super excited to be part of the team of TLVMUN this year!

Chair Mohamed.png

Mohamed Nhili

Hey everybody! My name is Mohamed Nhili, I'm a 23 year old medical student from the kingdom of Morocco. Besides studying and doing MUN, I like to spend my time playing tennis and chess. I also enjoy reading novels and traveling. Looking forward to seeing you all in the beautiful city of Tel-Aviv :)


Manon Ponsolle

Meet our Team:

Chair Imad.png

Imad Eddine El Gourch

Hey everyone! I'm Imad, a 19 years old Moroccan. I'm a sophomore at the University of Abdelmalek Essaadi, currently pursuing a M.D in Tangier. Besides my studies, I have an avid interest in the world of politics, diplomacy and international affairs. I enjoy eating good food, exploring new cultures and of course, another favorite part typical for MUNers, traveling and meeting new people.

 I'm very excited to see you all in TLVMUN 2022 !

Chair Nicole.png

Nicole Selleng

My Name is Nicole, and I am a master’s student in Social Economics in Nuremberg in Germany. When not attending MUN´, I play theatre, do sports and have been a member in the debate club during my bachelor’s studies. A very valuable aspect about MUN is the interaction with other people from different countries and the connections that you will be able to build during the conference. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Tel Aviv!

Chair Youna.png

Youna Le Lamer

Hey everyone, I am in my last year of my bachelor's degree in economics at Paris  Sorbonne. I am passionate about MUNs and started doing it  in 2019. I have participated in several conferences around Europe and started my own MUN  with friends: Sorbonne Model United Nations - SOMUN. So I am very excited to be part of the CRISIS committee at TLVMUN 2022 and look forward to meeting you all !

Chair Armand.png


Armand is 21 years old and was born in Spain but now studies economics in Paris even though he is currently in São Paulo doing a student exchange program. His first MUN was in Madrid at 15 years old and he immediately fell in love with the diplomatic world and its international vibe. He even co-founded in 2021 a MUN association in the Paris Sorbonne University. During the day he will be part of the crisis chairing team and during the night you can be sure he will not miss a single social…

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