Human Resources Director

Our Human Resources Director for TLVMUN 2020 is Einav Galil. As a former Human Resources Officer in the Israeli Navy Seals, Einav has a natural skill for adjutancy. She is a first-year student at Tel Aviv University Arts Faculty,  pursuing her Bachelor's in Advanced Program for Stage Design. She stumbled across TauMUN society by pure chance, luck if you will, at the first-year orientation day, and she knew right there and then that it was meant to be. 

Born and raised in Modi'in, but with the dreams of moving to the big city, she moved to  Tel Aviv as soon as she turned 18. Aside from being a student and an artist she works in the famous Cameri Theatre and will give you her full objective recommendations for all the best shows that are currently on the run.


In her very little free time, she likes to be a tourist in her hometown and explore the city to discover new places and interesting people in Tel Aviv.