Matan Barak

Human Resources Director

Matan Barak is 22 years old, and lives in a city called Tzur Yitzchak and he majors in political sciences and history!


As USG of Human Resources, he’ll be dealing mainly with the various allocations of the conference, as well as work alongside the other USGs to make sure everything will run smoothly leading up to August.


He enjoys grand strategy games that involve a lot of focus and planning, but when he will have some more time off his studies he will definitely return to his old hobbies like guitar playing and horseback riding!

Once he finishes his B.A., he plans to move back to Canada. Beyond that he hopes for a career in a diplomatic corps, then start thinking about an M.A.

“My goal in 2021 will be, first and foremost, enjoy the hopeful end of the pandemic by hanging out with my friends! Past that, I plan to have another good study year and organize an awesome TLVMUN! ”