Israel is located in the Middle East, lying at the junction of three continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel shares borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. 


Israel, although a small state, has the topography of an entire continent! Ranging from forests, fertile green valleys, mountainous deserts, coastal plains, a semitropical Jordan Valley and of course, the Dead Sea - the lowest point on earth. 


Having welcomed waves of immigrants, Israel has a mosaic of peoples of a variety of ethnicities, religions, lifestyles, cultures and traditions. Jews constitute the majority of the state’s population whilst there is a large Arab minority. 


With thousands of years of history, the present country has a gathering of Jews coming from over 70 countries making for a society of multi-ethnic communities living amongst one another and contributing to a unique Israeli culture. The official languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic although including English, Russian, Amharic, French, and numerous other languages can be heard on the streets of Israel’s major cities.

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