Social Co-director 

our university it-girl and your social coordinator is Stav Arbel, she is a senior at Tel Aviv University, pursuing a Bachelor's in Political Science and Communication. As the enthusiastic political soul that she is, she took part in the last 2 elections campaign for the Israel government in one of the biggest parties- Kahol Lavan (Blue and White Party).


 Growing up in southern Israel, near the Gaza border, and her family moving to the big city as growing up, Stav holds on to the hope of one day returning to her old house. After high school, Stav served in the Israeli army for two years as a social worker with an emphasis on lone and married soldiers.


Stav also completed a clothing design course in the biggest fashion college in Israel and now has fun designing and making her clothes. Stav joined TAUMUN in her second year of school out of a pure passion to learn more about leadership and the international relations world. she proudly represented her society in conferences in and out of Israel.


After attending TLVMUN 2019, it was clear that she wanted to be a part of the USG in TLVMUN 2020 and the social team couldn't be a better fit. 


Socials co-director

An El Al's flight attendant, and worldwide partier, Hilli Shalev, is a Senior at Tel Aviv University pursuing her BA in Communication and Political Science. With that in mind, it only makes sense that she's one of our USG of Socials. An aspiration of Hilli's is to work in the political communication field, either politically or diplomatically. Growing up in the heart of the middle east, Hilli saw first hand what conflict and resolution looks like. She found the International Relations topic fascinating and wanted to expand her knowledge.  After serving two years in the Israel Defense Forces as an Operations Sargent in The Home Command, she started her degree.


Hilli always wanted to join an MUN society, and finally got the chance with TAUMUN last year. In the past year, she has represented the TAUMUN society in different conferences both nationally, and internationally, in committees including UNWomen, and Press Corps, where she won the Distinguished Delegate Award.


When she's not studying at University, she's traveling around the world and enjoys trying different foods, so that when she's back home she can chef it up!