Let's start the party!


Cityhall Sunset Event

Pool Party!


Discover the City

Project X


The Morning After

so... what's the plan?

Chill Night and Proper Welcome (Day 0)


Ladies & Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, Welcome to Tel Aviv. 

For all the early arrivals, and those who wish to mingle before the first day of our debating week, you are welcome to meet the TLVMUN delegates and partners. We will be seated at the Potion bar, where a good mood and smiles are mandatory :)


Cityhall Sunset Event (Day 1)


Our first official gathering will be on the rooftop of Tel Aviv city hall to toast the beginning of our great and exciting week with a glass of Champagne and “Le’haim”. Dress code? Formal. Name tags required and will be handed out. We shall meet formally and enjoy the silhouette of the White City. 


Pool Party (“Flamingo” Day 2)


After a long and interesting day of debating at the campus, we will be meeting by the University Sport center for an al Israeli pool party. The open bar, the sun, the decorations, and flamingos are all in place for you to cool off and party like Israelis. For this day please bring a bathing suit in your bag, and sunscreen!


Discover the city (Day 3)


We invite you to go on a stroll with us, Tel aviv is not all about partying, it’s also about history and architecture. We will see its beautiful “shuk”, eat traditional israeli street food and share interesting facts. For those who wish to join us, we will finish it off at a local bar for a refreshing drink and a few laughs.

Project X (Day 4)


Last but not least, this is the night we party Tel Aviv style. The city that nevers sleeps has so much to offer and we want to give it to you. No long sentences needed: open bar, amazing DJ’s, and you, the breathtaking crowd.


The morning after - Farewell (Day 5)


Every adventure must come to an end, so does the TLVMUN 2021 edition. After a long week of debating and resolutions writing, it is time to say goodbye. Anyone left is invited for a last toast, for things to come and hoping to see you again.