Let's start the party!


Cityhall Sunset Event

Pool Party!


Discover the City

Project X


The Morning After

so... what's the plan?

Welcome to Tel Aviv! Pre-Night Out (Day 0)


Welcome to Tel Aviv and welcome to TLVMUN! We are really excited to host you in our city and get to know you! The first night we will keep it more chill and meet and get to know each other at a cool bar in Tel Aviv...


Cityhall Sunset Event (Day 1)


...and then we'll have our first social, to celebrate the beginning of our conference! We'll start with a little elegance, cheering with a glass of Champagne on the rooftop of the Tel Aviv city hall. And to give you already the basics on how to start a week right in Israel: It's with a big "Le'Haim" ;)

 Am Israel Pool Party (Day 2)


Everyone knows that Israeli's know how to party...but our secret to success? Combining what our country offers: sun, water, music. And we will definitely show you the Israeli way, at our "am Israel Pool Party"! So, pack your bathing suit, sunscreen and come to cool off like we do.


Tel Aviv Tour and Beach Sunset Evening (Day 3)


Small city but always something cool to offer - this is Tel Aviv. From the typical "Shuks" and Israeli street food, to art, history and its multicultural vibes, come take it all in during our stroll through the city. And to do Tel Aviv right - the only way to end the day is seeing the sundown at the beach, so that's where we'll be heading in the end!

Project X (Day 4)


Tel Aviv never stands still - at the latest on the fourth night you should have realized that. In case you didn't: While the city never sleeps, we are not sleeping either...stay tuned for a lot of fun!  


Goodbye Night (Day 5)


Every adventure must come to an end, so does the TLVMUN 2022 edition. For a round end, let's meet one last time to say goodbye and to toast to the past, but more importantly to big things in the future!       Thank you for being part of TLVMUN!