The Special Political and Decolonization Committee is the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly and it deals with a broad range of issues.

These issues include:

decolonizationIsraeli–Palestinian peace processpeacekeeping and special political missions, mine action, outer space, public information, atomic radiation and the University for Peace.


The Committee is an Intermediate level committee, therefore providing you a chance to show the skills you have achieved so far and continue to experience the world of MUN!


  1. The Satus of Kurdistan

  2. The Peaceful Use of Outer Space


Marco Colpo

Hi everyone! I am Marco and it will be my pleasure and honour to chair the SPECPOL at TLVMUN 2019! I am an Italian Bachelor student of Economics at the University of St. Gallen, where I also recently earned a degree in International Affairs. In my free time I love to travel, and I consider myself as a person very much open to cultural diversity (as long as this openness does not imply the freedom to put pineapple on pizza or ketchup on pasta). I entered the world of MUN three years ago and could not leave it since then, serving as delegate, back roomer and chair at various conferences and as Secretary-General of St. Gallen MUN 2018. I already attended Tel Aviv MUN last year and it was an absolutely amazing experience. I am sure that it will be a blast also this year and can’t wait to meet you all there!!

Cedric Schad

Hello! I am 20 years old, currently studying Law at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. In August I will finish my 4th semester. I grew up in Germany and hold both the German and the Swiss nationality. To pursue my studies I decided to come back to Switzerland. I joined SGMUN in 2018 and had the opportunity to attend our own conference in November as well as Harvard World MUN in March. What I love about MUNing is not only the elaboration of interesting solution to pressing issues but also the platform where people from all around the world come together and exchange. Beside my academic interests I love music. I play the violin, the piano and the Organ in Church. Additionally, I count skiing to one of my favorite hobbies.

Leah Mathiesen‏

I’m Leah, a 22-year-old German -American currently studying Law in my fifth semester at the University of Hamburg. My involvement with the MUN world started in my first semester at the HanseMUN society and continued with my first conference, TLVMUN, in 2017. After returning again for 2018 as a delegate im excited to join this year as the Chair of SPECPOL. Besides doing MUN, I like to spend my time with sports, good food and of course, typical for MUNers, traveling. I am excited to meet you all this summer at TLVMUN 2019 and I’m sure we will have an absolutely amazing time.