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Terms & Conditions

Formation of Contract


The following registration contract is formed between the person (included, but not limited to, Delegate, Chair, Observer, Faculty Advisor or any other Staff Members) wishing to participate (hereafter The Participant) and the Tel Aviv University Student Union. The purpose of the contract is the participation in the TLVMUN Conference (hereafter The Conference).


Duties of the Participant

By registering for a Position at the conference application form, the Participant commits to: 

1. Providing full and correct information about his person ensuring that:

(a)The Participant isn’t currently sought after, on the base of criminal charges, in any country.

(b)The Participant has reached the age of 18 by June 19th, 2023; It shall hereby be clarified that if a participant who has not reached the age of 18 by June 19th, 2023 ("Child") registers for the TLVMUN Conference, such participant will be deemed to have obtained the approval of his parent(s)or legal guardian(s).

Notwithstanding the above, any Child who registers for the TLVMUN Conference must not participate in any of the events of the conference starting at 18:00 or later.

 2. Adhering to the Rules of Conduct established by the Tel Aviv University Model United Nations and implemented and enforced by the Conference Secretariat on behalf of the Tel Aviv University Student Union for the duration of the conference, in particular: 

(a) accepting the absolute authority of the staff of the Conference, including, but not limited to, Chairs, conference management staff and the Secretary General.

(b) treating other attendees of the conference, guests and staff with respect and dignity as dictated by diplomatic conduct;

 3. The duty to adhere to the Rules of Conduct under (2.)



After registering the Participant forfeits any rights to claim a refund for already paid fees, except under extreme circumstances to be determined by the Conference Management, at its sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis.



Services rendered by the Conference prior and during the conference comprise of:

1. Informing applicants who have completed their payment no later than 28 days after the registration phase ended if they are accepted as participants at the conference;

2. Informing the participants in due time about the schedule and changes to it; 

3. Making available to the participant’s rooms, personnel and materials required for pursuing the purpose of The Conference.



The participant waives all and any claims against the Tel Aviv University Student Union involving compensation in part or in whole, of damages or losses incurred in association with travel and accommodation related to participation in the Conference and all activities unrelated to the services detailed in §4.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the maximum aggregate liability of Tel Aviv University Student Union to a Participant for any claims, losses or damages incurred under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or the participation by Participant in the Conference shall be limited to the total fees paid by such Participant.

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Final Provisions




The Tel Aviv University Student Union retains ownership of all materials published in the course of the Conference. The Participant furthermore waives all rights of ownership of any photographic or video materials that are taken during the conference by the conference Secretariat.

Applicable Law is Israeli Law.

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