The Conference Theme

Diplomacy Through Geopolitical Eyes


The theme of TLVMUN 2019 is Diplomacy Through Geopolitical Eyes.

Throughout history, geography has played an important role in shaping local, regional and world politics. Today, we cannot speak about international relations and countries’ foreign policy without understanding the undeniable effect of geopolitics on these areas. Whether it’s climate, topography, demography or natural resources, these geopolitical elements will continue to shape the future of the world in which we live in.   


When it comes to diplomacy and diplomatic relations, geopolitics is one of the key factors we should take into consideration either as delegates in Model UN or as future diplomats representing our countries. Geopolitics helps us explain regional alliances and conflicts, and it has played a major part in the creation of international and regional bodies and agreements such as the European Union, The Arab League, NATO, Mercosur, NAFTA, ASEAN, the African Union and more.

As the leaders of tomorrow, we are looked upon to master the art of diplomacy, knowing that in order to accomplish our goals we have to look at diplomacy through different angles, one of them being through geopolitical eyes.