This year Conference Theme

Globalization: from Climate Change to Terrorism:

this year TLVMUN 2020 theme is Globalization: from Climate Change to Terrorism.


"Globalization refers to all those processes by which the peoples of the world are incorporated into a single world society, global society," by Martin Albrow.


Globalization has not only increased as the years pass but, has also created the framework for which every single country can afford the opportunity to make a global impact and forge relationships with many countries, and not just neighboring ones. 

Globalization is everly increasing and always developing further. One of the most recognized developments for all global countries is trade, which encompasses innovation, goods, ideas, culture and more. Trade has directly led countries to faster economic growth, which in turn has helped alleviate poverty, encourage democracy, and create more and better-paying jobs.

It is merely impossible to have a good understanding of international relations or foreign services without taking into account the power of globalization. Whether it is climate change, terrorism, business relations or even war, one cannot deny that globalization has had an impact, positive or negative, in these areas.


When it comes to diplomacy and diplomatic relations, globalization is one of the key factors we need to take into account as Model UN students. Globalization helps us get a better understanding of some of the reasons behind our current climate change, and gives us different approaches to how to deal with it. It also helps us get a better understanding of how terror groups manage to reach their hands into vast funding, and at the same time helps us establish a joint framework between countries to fight those groups.

As leaders of tomorrow, we have to become more experienced in diplomacy, which can be accomplished by viewing the world as a globalized network. We also need to realize the advantages, as well as consequences, of living in a globalized world.